Become A Buyers Credit Coach Partner

Partnership Opportunity

There are far too many Americans experiencing credit challenges. Many Individuals experience common problems such as low FICO scores and less than perfect credit histories.

We have one of the most comprehensive credit coaching systems on the market! Our program creates a win-win opportunity for companies and individual professionals who provide services to customers based on their credit history and score.

Partnership Presentation

How Does Our Partnership Program Work For You?

  • You establish a national branded BCC Website –
  • You monitor customers’ progress through your personalized BCC site
  • Customer trusts the company or person that started them on the road to better credit
  • Customers use the system as a resource to improve credit scores and return to you for their intended large purchases (Home, Cars, Furniture etc.)

What Do You Receive As A BCC Partner?

  • 24/7 advertising
  • Professional branding through the BCC system
  • Automatic letters generated to your clients from you monthly
  • No interpersonal contact with clients required on your part
  • Control your leads using our contact registry automation software
  • E-mail letters to clients for future business opportunities
  • On-line tools to monitor client time within the system
  • On-line seminars for education and awareness training
  • Personal use of the system to monitor and enhance your own credit

How Do You Benefit From This Service?

  • You offer a service to customers unique from your competition using cutting edge technology
  • You stop losing customers due to poor credit and not having a real solution to offer them
  • You provide customers with a proven quality option to enhance their credit scores
  • You make more money monthly/annually by closing more sales!
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